Standing O or Hell No: Angelina in Ralph & Russo

jolie R&R 1Like certain books (The Goldfinch, The Luminaries) and certain movies (Bird Man, Boyhood), and certain foods (Friendly's Jim Dandy sundae, anything with white truffles), certain outfits will keep you thinking of them long after they're over.  Take, for instance, this Ralph & Russo number trotted out to the Unbroken premiere by Angelina Jolie.  I understand that I am anything but au courant in reporting this to you, people of good fashion, as this outfit was worn last week - but I simply can't get it out of my head.  It's so lady-like yet modern and you simply can't argue with the intricacy of the posterior (the dress's, not hers): jolie R&R 2The tiny covered buttons, the cape, the color, the fit all amount to a Standing O.

(Up for consideration:  if you go for a re-wear, Angelina, maybe choose a delicate shoe in a deep red to play off the hint of color in your brooch. The nude pumps are fine but I vote for a teeny splash of color.)