How to Style a Pumpkin

fairy_halloweenIt surprises a lot of folks that I don't enjoy dressing up for Halloween.  Costumes are just not my thing.  (Unless, of course, there's someone among you who might consider a new Tom Ford dress a costume??  If so, please step forward!)  I much prefer to commemorate this holiday with knives - lots of tiny ones to use for pumpkin carving!  That merits style points, no?   This year I did Tinkerbell (above photo) and nearly lost my right hand poking out the "galaxy" with a bamboo skewer.  I was 20 minutes in when it dawned on me that a drill would be much more efficient.  And sure enough I was right.  It pains my heart (as well as the phantom pain in my right hand) that she is beginning to wither because she turned out to be a pretty little thing!