Hasn't Everyone Tired of the Bigger/Better Debate?

iphone pocket enlargementMy contract is almost up on my iPhone 5 which puts me squarely into iPhone 6 territory.  My guilty secret:  I don't want to upgrade.  This admission makes me feel like I am 75 years old and stubbornly holding onto a flip phone.  The truth is, I like my phones little.  And even though there are two options (4.7" and 5.5"), both are too big for me.  For the love of Pete, the 5.5" model has inspired a store in Shanghai called Unicom, to hire an on-site tailor to address the size issues this phone presents.  This person's only function is to enlarge the pockets on folks' pants to accommodate for the gargantuan phone.  This incites panic in me as I consider the many, many expensive handbags I own with an iPhone pocket that perfectly fits my model 5.  Let me ask you:  why should pants and purses be made to accommodate?  Shouldn't it be the other way around?  I am stymied.  Perhaps it is because it is Monday and I am weekend-lagged, but these are the pressing philosophical questions stirring in my brain today.  And that admission, friends, makes me feel even more guilty than the first.