A Salute to Oscar de la Renta

www.vogue.comThe fashion industry can be brutal.  Remaining relevant for even a few years is considered a daunting task let alone remaining relevant for an entire career.  And yet Oscar de la Renta accomplished exactly that.  He dressed four first ladies, dozens of A-list stars, and most recently George Clooney's bride, Amal Alamuddin (the two are pictured above in one of her final bridal gown fittings).  Clearly you are doing something right if you remain the go-to for Hollywood royalty...at age 82. It's truly amazing to me how enduring his vision was; And I think maybe it's because his goal was simply to create pretty dresses.  He didn't feel the need to buck the trends or to prove himself an artistic genius, he just wanted to make women look beautiful.  And that he certainly did.  Time and again.  In the end, that's what kept him not only relevant but in demand.

As you surely know, Oscar de la Renta passed away Monday from cancer.  I admire the man and his work greatly.  I also align myself with his many, many admirers in saying that he and his contributions will be greatly missed.