LA Story

vn_mens_fall_stl_look3_mediumOne of my clients just landed a big show on ABC (I'm such a tease) and needs to tighten up his look for imminent press events and parties.  That means I'm flying to LA tomorrow to spend a week working with him (also- and I know this sounds random- to check up on another client's Santa Monica home for which I designed the interior). In preparation for my trip, I am mentally making the transition from NY fashion (and NY Fashion Week!) to LA fashion which is a whole different vibe:  very casual/street.  My feeling is that it's fine to dress down in the face of the press IF (and only if) everything fits impeccably and if each piece speaks for itself.  With this in mind, we are going to start our search at VINCE. which is one of my favorite brands to master the cool/casual look represented in the photo above.  (Notice how everything appears molded to this model?)

It goes without saying that sneakers and boots are primary in nailing street style so, for one thing, I'm hoping to score these Carter boots and build a world of looks around them.  They are superb body doubles (to use the parlance of Hollywood) for the twice-the-price Saint Laurent boots I've been tracking for the last few months.  Thankfully, given the temp is supposed to be 90+ all next week, the cost will not provoke any additional sweating.