S*'It' Bag

Bottega Veneta designer, Tomas Maier, has recently been quoted as saying that 'It' bags are "totally marketed bull*!it crap."  The impeccable (read: compulsive) designer (who dropped the H in his first name to create symmetry with his last) is incensed by the notion of creating a bag, giving it to celebs in order to sell paparazzi photos to tabloids, and then creating a wait-list to generate purchases.  "I don't believe that's how you make something lasting - that's iconic as a design," he explains. 

Interestingly Maier also described how he passes time in airports watching people in order to identify "design horrors."  Ouch.  At least he has some measure of compassion, though, as he "pities" the man who carries "some ill-functioning bag that rips his jacket half off."   A display of amazing tolerance indeed.