NY Fashion Week: Spring 2015

rebeccataylor2015springTo some, Christmas or their birthday represents the most magical time of the year.  For me, this time is NY Fashion Week.  I am typically drunk on fashion (and sometimes that's not all!) the entire time and I get to close each day dreaming of the release of my favorite collections.  Not to mention I sometimes get to meet fashion heroes! During NYFW I always pay special attention to the shows whose clothes I use most often for my clients, like Rebecca Taylor for instance.  And she knocked it out of the park on Saturday with her Spring 2015 collection.  It represents all things I personally love:  color, whimsy, femininity!  The clothes look infinitely wearable while still being tailored and elegant.  I loved almost every look (I am turning a blind eye to you, yellow over-bra).

The thing I love about the brand, in general, is that it almost universally suits the needs/wants of my female clients.  More specifically, every time I shop RT with a client, she walks out with at least one piece.  (And I usually return a few hours later and walk out with 3-4 pieces for myself!)  I've had a chance to work with the brand quite closely over the last few years and love to see the clothing continue to evolve; particularly because this means my wardrobe continues to evolve.  And on that note, let's toast to acquiring the look featured above as well as perhaps one or two more looks.  Cheers, Fashion Week!  And cheers, Rebecca Taylor, to a job very well done!