Gingnam Style?

gingham shirtMen are creatures of habit.  I used to date a guy who only wore either army green pants/shorts, OR jeans and a black t shirt.  That's it.  Open the shirt drawer, black t-shirts.  Open the bottoms drawer, you get the picture.  Telling a guy to buy a blue shirt, for instance, is like telling a woman to buy a little black dress.  (It doesn't need to be done.)  And so it goes with this  J Crew gingham shirt.   Somehow it has weaseled its way into the collective male conscious as a "staple" because just about every guy on the planet owns it.  It's become so ubiquitous that New Yorker, Jonathan San, set up an Instagram account called thatjcrewginghamshirt dedicated to sitings of men in this piece. Fashion challenge:  Remake this video but with everyone styled in the J Crew gingham shirt.  Please.