Standing O or Hell No: Pepperoni Onesies

katieperrypizzaI know this happened almost two weeks ago (and by THIS I mean Katy Perry in a pizza jumpsuit) but I just can't get over it.  Especially when today I discovered a copy-cat crime (Cara Delevingne no less!): cara-delevingne-AG041938_05-419x651This makes me very, very worried about casual remarks I've made to my clients such as:  "You'd look great in a lime green dress!"  Is there some imminent danger that at this moment someone is senselessly sourcing a dress with limes all over it??  (I'm sure this dress exists.)  I pray not.  I also pray that this rash outbreak of pizza-wear ceases ASAP as possible (in the immortal words of Michael Scott).  Hell No to this awful trend (if, God forbid, that's what this is).