Standing O or Hell No: Kaley Cuoco

KaleyCuocoI feel like this post is a bit of a cheap shot as girlfriend is clearly leaving yoga and not dressed for some major event.  Having said that, I firmly believe that a flower crown is a no-no for anyone, anywhere, at any time (unless you are a 5 year old - or younger- and in a wedding where someone has horrible taste). Actors, of all people, need to understand that they ARE their brand and that it is essential to present a polished look at all times.  With that in mind, here is my open letter to Kaley Cuoco:

Dear Kaley,

I know people say that it's important to maintain a sense of humor about life in general but, this is not what they mean.  Please dispense with the flower crown post haste and consider something like this.  It is important that you not slip any further into THIS territory.  And, oh yeah I almost forgot:  HELL NO for this look.

Love, Wardrobe Whisperer