china-coach-11072012-webI have a lot of fashion pet peeves.  One, as you well know, is grown men carrying back packs.  Another is women carrying COACH handbags.  Especially those advertising that they are COACH handbags.  (I'm sure I will get a lot of hate mail after this post but hit me with your best shot.)  I am simply OVER them.  They are ubiquitous therefore completely unoriginal.  If you fear leaving your comfort zone, at least look as far as former COACH executive creative director, Reed Krakoff.  He struck out on his own and his bags are amazing. It seems that you too, fashion nation, are getting sick of the COACH epidemic.  I just read an article citing a steady decline in COACH women's handbag sales.  The article goes on to say that the brand is shifting their target market - namely to the Chinese market and the male market.  Further to this point, they just released a more formal men's shoe line and they are in development on a full men's clothing line.

COACH for bros?  It could work.  Kinda like when I get tired of eating my ice-cream sundae:  my husband always finishes it.