Don't Sweat It

Plexi SignsOh the stifling heat in NYC subways!  Fortunately, even when heading to the office, we ladies can basically strip down to a small tank and toss our blazers on upon arrival.  Men heading into an office environment are often not so fortunate.  Many have no choice but to wear a long sleeved dress shirt (and often suit!) and simply suffer with the horrible, damp consequences.  It breaks my fashion heart to see guys, who are not working out, dripping sweat before 8am. So, sweaty office men of NYC, this post is for you!  Presenting the Apollo dress shirt by Ministry of Supply.  The MoS geniuses have harnessed NASA spacesuit technology and applied it directly to a dress shirt.  This clean, sleek garment not only looks good but wicks away moisture and controls odor.  Gear up in one of these on a 100% humid day so that when your subway car is packed and that cute girl squeezes in next to you, you won't have to get off at the next stop (whether it's yours or not) to preserve your dignity.  Perhaps you'll be so confident you'll even get her number.