Wimbledos and Wimbledon'ts

maria-kirilenko-andrea-petkovic-fashion-1When I view the court attire of Andrea Petkovic and Maria Kirilenko at Wimbledon, my memory harkens back to my Catholic school days.  Forced to wear a uniform, I was desperate to distinguish my "look."  And so I did what any inventive girl in the '80s might have done:  I didn't bedazzle as you may've guessed, but I DID embellish my skirts with brooches (close enough).  Perhaps Stella McCartney, in her own desperation to differentiate (at Wimbledon, all players must wear all white all of the time) thought that she could solve a similar conundrum but with ruffles?  I will not speak for myself when I say: admirable ideas, poor execution.