There's No Place Like (Zara) Home

zara homeIf you're like me, Zara occurs to you when you need to find a cute and inexpensive trend piece to wear.  Never before have I considered the brand for home decor.  Never, that is, until I stumbled upon this adorable chevron LEATHER patchwork rug (roughly 4'6"x6') for...wait for it...$449!!  Sure, it's on sale but even at $799 we're not talking astronomical pricing for a leather (did I happen to mention it is LEATHER?!) rug. My inner foot is kicking my own behind (yes, I'm also a contortionist) because last year I spent twice that much on an 8'x10" wool version of this item.  Considering how hot chevron is, the above rug (and the one I bought) represent trend pieces and so the bottom line is that $449 is a much more kind price for something I know I'll be switching up in a few years.  Before I make my next fun/trendy decor purchase, I will stop at (Zara) Home first.