Good Vibra(m)tions

vibramPart of my job, particularly during a Closet Cleanse, involves giving my clients permission to let go of things.  Once that hurdle is overcome, most people are ecstatic to rid their lives and closets of items they have long hated/made them feel guilty/didn't fit/were (awful) gifts.  The flip side of the purge coin is knowing when and how to rescue something that has lost its former lustre - particularly when it represents a significant investment. In a walking city like NY, this discussion often revolves around shoes. Let it be noted that I always ALWAYS encourage my clients to go immediately to the cobbler (prior even to an inaugural wear) and reinforce new shoes so they never get to the point of no return.  And by reinforce I mean specifically Vibram brand rubber soles, rubber tips, and rubber taps;  Women and men heed this important warning!!  But sometimes people forget or get careless and don't take this extra step (no pun intended).  I see a ton of shoes that resemble those on the left in the photo above.  If the client is lucky, though, and if the sidewalk or subway grates have not yet "bitten" into the main part of the shoe, Vibram can still be added and the shoe effectively rescued from the clutches of the trash heap!  But the moral of this story is that it's soooo much more cost effective to simply replace the soles of your shoes rather than to replace the shoes themselves.

I know, I know - you are a Louboutin lover like I am.  Do not fret because Vibram even comes in red - no need to sacrifice the pièce de résistance of your beloved pumps!  Now that I have robbed you of all of your excuses, go forth immediately to the cobbler so you may restore zen to your shoe closet.  And remember that an upfront investment of $30-$50 will save you hundreds (let's be honest - thousands if you love Louboutins) down the proverbial road.