Standing O or Hell No: The Cannes Film Festival

cate-blanchett-valentino-cannes-2014-e1400265693558I would do hard time with Satan's chain gang if the exchange was to be this gorgeous on earth.  Standing O to both Cate and Valentino for this stunningly successful look.  

Karlie Kloss Cannes 1To me, this image is the functional equivalent of that scene in shows/movies where the guy is laying on his back and the EMT has the dephibrilator on his chest and is yelling "CLEAR!"  (Karlie being the EMT and the dress being the dying dude.)  She is trying so hard to breathe life into this thing but to no avail.  Witness:

Karlie Kloss Cannes 2Karlie gets an honorary Standing O for her hard work but the gown and overall look merit a Hell No (and a D.N.R.).


jane fonda cannesAnd finally a huge Standing O to 76 year old Jane Fonda for out-wearing Angelina Jolie in this sparkly Elie Saab number.  (Jolie wore hers to the Oscars.)  It would not be an easy task to get a leg up in this race given the competition and the age difference (38 years) but somehow Jane pulled it off.