Standing O or Hell No: The Met Gala 2014

lupita metIt must really smart to have fallen from the soaring heights of her fabulous Golden Globe look to the shallow depths of this Prada ensemble worn for Monday night's Met Gala.  I suspect the aftermath was intense bruising and a possible sprain.  Lupita, please break your contract with Prada.  Doctor's orders. It pains me to say this but it pains me even more to look at her in the above get-up:  Hell No, girl.


kate upton met galaHey Kate Upton, the wild west just called.  They are missing a bar maid.  (Hell No.)


karolinaIn my mind, THIS is what you wear to the biggest fashion event of the year (big points for Marchesa!!).  Karolina Kurkova played this perfectly because she BROUGHT IT.  This dress is to the Met Gala as Texas is to the United States.  I adore how unabashedly big and architectural it is.  It speaks FASHION on a night when that is the common parlance.  Additionally, the color is lovely, the print is fabulous, and the neckline is drama incarnate.  She looks gorgeous, fresh, and most importantly, completely on theme ("White Tie and Decorations.")  Standing O!!