Mother Nature Trumps the Queen Mother

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Australia And New Zealand - Day 1I saw this photo and immediately wanted to discuss it from many different angles.  First of all, let me say that this royal disembarkation is post-30-hour-plane ride to New Zealand.  Last week we took our kids to Naples, FL which is a 3 hour ride (granted we kicked things off with a 4 hour delay in the Newark Airport!) but suffice it to say, we did not fare this well. Second of all, that is one cute baby.  That baby is the mirror image of Prince William but with a good hairline.

Third of all, that double breasted, red Catherine Walker coat is slaying me.  Please note the perfect fit- hence my adoration for British tailoring.  And hurrah for her brooch!  I am always pinning brooches all over my clients.  They are an underrated accessory in my opinion.

Lastly, much ado has been made about the Queen ordering a universal hem-lengthening to KM's wardrobe.  Therefore, this snapshot makes me giggle doubly because despite the Queen's best efforts, (yes, I heard about how weights have been inserted into the Duchess's hems as well), we are still seeing those beautiful thighs!  I for one salute the wind because this picture charmed the pants off of me even as it was taking the skirt off of Kate.