Standing O, Hell No, or So-So: Lea Michelle

lea_michele_kids_choice_481387547-419x630I have often thought that Elie Saab would be one of my first stops should I ever get invited to a big red carpet event again.  (I say again because I attended the LA premiere of Sleepy Hollow years ago and sat directly behind Johnny Depp!!  Needless to say, I had to watch the movie again on the big screen since I just stared at him the entire time.) In any case, Lea Michelle shared my Elie Saab instinct with her selection for the Kids Choice Awards yesterday.  I feel like she's hitting all the high notes here:  feminine, youthful, flirty, spring-y, fun.  And yet I am not totally in love.  I think I can safely attribute my hesitation towards full-out ardor to a few things:

1) A total lack of styling:  I love the delicate bracelets but wish she went just a tad further - a sexy delicate chain and/or some delicate earrings would be perfect

2)  The sheerness of the bust:  enough said

3)  The hue of her lipstick:  I get that she was going for trendy and fun but the bright purply-pink of this choice is conspiring to upstage the soft pink of her dress

I'm also kinda over sky-high platforms but I won't dock any points for her shoe choice because it works.  All in all, I'm dishing out a So-So here.  Are you picking up what I'm laying down?