What To Wear on St Patty's Day (When It is Freezing)

kate-middleton-st-patricks-day-outfit-vI'm fairly certain this will come as no surprise:  it is still cold outside.  As dreamy as it would be to celebrate St Patty's Day in a filmy green spring dress, it is not in the cards.  Therefore let us accept our hand and look to the Duchess for an excellent example of festivity in the face of a freeze. By the way, I love that all of the fashion sites are belaboring the point that her Hobbs Persephone wool trench was ONLY $345 (down from $490 to be fair).  In my head their commentary sounds like this, "Why does she play the PAUPER when surely she goes home every night and rolls around in the Queen's jewels?  $345 for a coat?!  She shouldn't put that thing under a new puppy."