Standing O or Hell No: Academy Awards 2014

Apparently all you had to do was sing last night and you received a standing ovation.  I wish I could be as generous with the fashion but, alas, my home is not Hollywood (plus my heart is made of stone). US-OSCARS-ARRIVALSLet's start out with the good news.  My love affair with the fashion of Lupita Nyong'o rages on!  Never has a woman made such tremendous use of all the colors of the rainbow.  LN is forever stepping out in a different luminous hue.  This Prada was exquisite from the color to the cut (although it was a teensy bit too much bony sternum for me) to the movement of the fabric.  She was the embodiment of elegance.  If I had to change one thing, though, I think I'd have dressed her in this princess gown for the Golden Globes and traded for the red columnar Ralph Lauren.  Regardless, a Standing O is in order.

kate hudson oscarsWhile we are on the topic of sternums, I should point out that the view of Kate Hudson's was perfection (lithe but not bony).  This Atelier Versace was truly worthy of fashion's most important red carpet.  This old-Hollywood-glamour look suits her perfectly...and the dress fits her perfectly too.  (Fun fact:  Kate Hudson has big ears.  Thank you, God, for not creating her 1,000% perfect.)  Standing O!

86th Annual Academy Awards - ShowNow onto the bad news.  As my sister questioned, was Whoopi's dress a weird tribute to, or a mockery of, Julia Robert's Golden Globes dress?  Either way you slice it (speaking of slicing, what happened to Whoopi's sleeves?!) it was a mistake of epic proportions.  No pun intended.  Hell no, Whoopi.