NY Fashion Week: What to Wear & How to Get Around

dezma dressIt's NY Fashion Week and to keep the excitement going around the clock I'm reading the memoir, Grace, by one of my fashion idols, Grace Coddington.  I've just passed a chapter where she recounts Fashion Week in the 60s and discusses how the sole focus was the collections - so foreign from the spectacle we know today!  These days a show isn't a SHOW unless the front row is packed with celebs and all attendees are dressed to the nines. Unsurprising to my faithful readers, one of my favorite aspects of fashion week is selecting outfits for myself and my clients to wear to the shows!  This year, my favorite ensemble is the Elie Tahari Dezma dress (the laser-cut leather number pictured above) with my (current) favorite Alexis Bittar necklaces (one, two, three) and the divine Connor Sandal also by Elie.  I imagine you saying, "Wardrobe Whisperer, surely you jest.  Sandals in all of this snow?!  You are a lunatic!"  And I say to you, gentle readers, YES I am lunatic and I also endorse the sandal for this special week.  I endorse the sandal and I will tell you how to pull it off.  Simply observe my cardinal rule of Fashion Week:  use a car service instead of cabs.  Car services can be scheduled in advance and will take you door to door sans the tromps through the snow and the post-show cab fights.  With your impeccable look and good planning you might just have an opportunity to meet some of your own fashion idols.

P.S.  And a bonus fashion week photo that I could not resist posting for obvious reasons:

becks and baby becks