Standing O or Hell No: SAG Awards

Lupita SAGI realize that the SAG awards were Saturday night and today is Tuesday and I'm just getting around to posting but the truth is I was honoring MLK.  (Okay, okay I was going out to lovely dinners and celebrating my husband's birthday by indulging in lots of wine and cake but that is beside the point.) On to the dresses - better late than never as they (read:  I) always say. Right up front I'm going to award Lupita a Standing O.  As context is everything, she MAKES this dress.  Now if someone else (someone less regal) like say, Kaley Cuoco, tried to pull this off I would expect some serious flesh-eating-algae jokes to surface.  But Lupita sports this with such aplomb that all I can think about is how divine the color and fit of this Gucci is on her.

Cate Sag

Cate Blanchett's Givenchy is yet another shining example of context.  Were she less of a goddess, I might worry that critics would make snide hanky comments about the sequined draped front but, again, her extreme loveliness elicits a Standing O.

JLaw SAGThis dress doesn't need any context because it is just plain HOT but Jennifer Lawrence and her amazing figure elevate this to another level.  (What is one up from hot?  I believe that would be BANGIN'.)  Thank you, Dior, for finally issuing J Law a flattering dress.  Standing O.

Julia SAG When I went to save this image, I typed in Julia_SAD instead of Julia_SAG.  I was tempted to leave the nomenclature considering it pretty much sums up what I think of this jumpsuit.  It looks like my 3 year old got a hold of some scissors and chopped a huge V up the bottom of this gown.  It goes without saying, but as Wardrobe Whisperer is never one for holding her tongue:  Hell No.