Standing O or Hell No: 71st Annual Golden Globes

lupitaIt was suggested to me that I live-blog the 2014 Golden Globes but as I preferred to eat nachos and drink Syrah (and, truth be told, use profanity liberally) I decided to live-text with my friends instead.  We weren't unanimous on all fashion winners and losers but a few clear favorites emerged.  In my opinion, there was a tie for first place between newcomer (pictured above) Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren (was that the sound of Gwenny grumbling?) and veteran, Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive (pictured below).  Each was her own version of perfection and therefore receive a Standing O from me (and pretty much the rest of the universe.) cate-blanchett-black-lace-dress-golden-globesThere were also a ton of missed opportunities, but the most egregious of these was Julia Roberts.  Her look (below) is what I do before I go out.  In an effort to keep the kids from wiping their fingers (and noses) all over my outfit, I wear one of my husband's shirts as a type of smock until I walk out the door.  Did she forget to remove this shield of sorts and then, sensing she passed the moment of no return, decide to tuck it in and play it off like she meant to wear a long sleeved shirt under a strapless dress?  Witness:

JuliaIt goes without saying (but try to stop me): Hell No,  Julia.

What a tragedy were a bomb to have detonated last evening because fully 85% of the world's hottest men were assembled at the Beverly Hilton (Clooney and Pitt would have gotten us to 90%).  The most striking aspect shared amongst the leading men was the fit of their ensembles.  They nailed it:

Leobradley-cooper-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsStanding O, boys!

And an honorary mention to the hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who were both hot and hilarious and made sure the show ended on time.  Standing O!

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show - Season 71