De Blasio Ladies Decidedly Not Blah

Bill De Blasio Sworn In As New York City MayorI don't think that any New Yorker will debate that with the first chill of winter (did that happen in July this year!?), the city becomes a sea of black.  For that reason, coats in colors are my go-to for clients looking to breathe new life into their winter wardrobes.  (Not to mention, it's a heck of a lot easier to identify your outerwear at a party.) So when I peeped the De Blasio ladies sporting chic Nanette Lapore coats at the Mayoral Inauguration I found myself applauding their sage fashion choices.  And what a boon for Nanette Lapore and the Garment District in general! Dear Diane von Furstenberg, CFDA President and biggest proponent of the Garment District, please consider this a belated birthday (December 31) gift!

Love, The DeBlasios