Standing O or Hell No: Katy Perry at the AMAs

Katy PerryIn 1997, while visiting my best friend in LA, I spotted George Clooney at Jones Cafe.  There was a moment when he saw me see him (and had a look on his face imploring me not to approach) and I sorta gave him the stink eye.  That moment returns often to haunt me since at the time I thought him pompous and arrogant and was no sort of fan.  Then 1998 arrived along with his performance in Out of Sight and I fell madly in love with him and realized what the rest of the (female) world had been going on about. I'm teetering on whether I'm having such a moment with Katy Perry.  A year or so ago she showed up on Sesame Street showing way too much cleavage (question:  is ANY amount of cleavage acceptable on SESAME STREET?!) and I remember thinking to myself, "What an a-hole."  From that moment on she's been black listed by me.  Until now?  I have to say she emitted a strong sense of charm and whimsy last night at the AMAs in this pretty yet far-from-boring frock by Oscar de la Renta.  I like that she showed up stunt-free (until her performance of course) looking fresh and young and lovely.  I therefore declare a (temporary) truce and allow for a Standing O.