The Devil (who wears Prada) Is in the Details

  prada shoeAs I was flitting through Saks this past weekend sourcing shoes for a client (who was happily sitting in the lounge sipping a whiskey), I was rendered temporarily motionless by these Prada bluchers.  I literally stopped dead in my tracks at the site of them.  I have long been a fan of Prada for men's shoes (just try to find more comfy drivers), but these blew my mind.  As with most things in menswear it all boils down to the details (and the fit).  The perforated pattern on these puppies is sheer genius- elegant and modern and the least boring thing I've seen in a long time.  Note that they are available not only in classic black but in my newest never-fail shoe color, oxblood (above).  So rich and perfect with anything:  grays, blues, browns...even black.  Get a belt that corresponds and literally never think again about which shoe color is the proper choice.  But before you quit thinking take these beauties to the cobbler and have them soled with Vibram in order to protect the leather, extend the shoes' life, and prolong your reign as the best dressed dude in your office.