That Dress is Fly

gaga-astronaut-suit-2013-09-11-01We are not one of those nice families who, during the holidays, refuse all gifts and instead give to charity.  (We give to charity too but not in lieu of gifts.)  I admit it, we basically require shallow material things (and booze!) to have a good time at Christmas. We also don't like to add stress to our lives so we've agreed to submit wish lists to make things easy.  While perusing my husband's submission a few years back, I was surprised to find a remote control helicopter among the other items he desired.  (Why this surprised me is an even bigger mystery given that Chinese throwing stars also appeared.)  In any case, I read today that over the weekend Lady Gaga flew out on stage in a white helicopter dress.  This caused me to ruminate on whether I should steal a page from my husband's play book and add this item to my Christmas wish list.  Perhaps it comes in red?