NFL or NFC (No F*ing Chance)?

NFLOften when I find myself describing to someone what I do as a stylist, an interior light will appear and the person whose acquaintance I'm making will say, "Ah! Like What Not to Wear!"  My typical answer is, "Yes, but without the snarkiness."  Snark never enters my brain when I'm helping a client because they have recognized a need for assistance.  However, gazing at the professionally styled photo above (and all of its sister photos) turned me into Stacy + Clinton on white hot wheels.  What type of woman is this ad trying to target?  More specifically, WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?  When I showed my husband this ad and stated that a "classy" woman (I assume that's who they are appealing to) would never wear one of these jerseys, my husband astutely replied that maybe she would, but not in this context.  Bingo!!  Let us review the NFL's suggestion for sporting their ladies' NFL cap and jersey.  Pair with: 1)  sequined, striped, multi-colored skirt

2)  cream, (could that be tweed ??), pearled blazer

3)  elastic cobalt belt with gold flower-pedal hardware

4)  mini cross-body cobalt bag (why go small in this one area when everywhere else you've gone SO large?)

5)  Mr. T sized gold necklace

6) two enormous (plastic?) black cuffs and a chunky gold watch

When Coco Chanel said that before you go out, you should look in the mirror and remove one accessory she was onto something.  In this case we need to revise that thought to include a heck of a lot more.  The proper (and only) context to wear such a jersey:  classic blue jeans, minimal jewelry.  And only to a game.  Enough said.