It's a Good (Za)bet(e)

Kirna-ZabeteSometimes the grass -and the retail space- is not Greene(r).  Or so believe the owners of chic SoHo boutique, Kirna Zabete who recently moved from Greene Street to 477 Broome.  And I tend to agree with them.  Greene Street is fabulous but beginning to feel a bit too commercial (Hello Tiffany!).  In my opinion, being in the company of uber cool neighbors like Alexis Bittar ups your own cool quotient.  Not that KZ was ever lacking in that department given their sick edit of designers but it doesn't hurt to keep things feeling fresh and exclusive.  If you are undecided on whether to visit, I will refer you to the Coco Chanel quote illuminated in neon lights on their wall: "The best things in life are free; the second best are expensive."