Standing O or Hell No: Tocca at NYC Fashion Week

tocca NYFW 2013 My kids are going to grow up thinking they were adopted if for no other reason than I have no photos to prove they weren't.  I can never figure out how to extract myself from the moment in order to point a camera in their little faces.  I regularly encounter a similar phenomenon during Fashion Week- I find myself glued to the action so much so that I have trouble pausing to comment.  But the above number by Tocca stopped me dead in my tracks.  Myriad questions flooded my mind:

Where are the pants?

Did the designer from Free People get promoted to Tocca?

Did my former ballet teacher sneak back stage to subvert this fashion show?

Didn't Black Swan (and its ballerina inspired fashion backlash) happen in 2010?

I have ceased trying to make sense of this calamity.  Instead I choose to comfort myself by focusing on this pretty and simple piece from the same "collection" (what one has to do with the other, I have no clue).

tocca 2In short, Hell No for the first look and just by mere proximity the second look gets a Standing O.

I bet in retrospect Emma Fletcher wishes Fashion Week photographers were like me, unable to extract themselves from this moment in order to capture it for posterity.