Fashion Forecasting

givenchy brownTwo years ago I prophesized that brown suits would come BACK with a vengeance.  I sung it far and wide, smugly confident in my fashion prediction.  So when they didn't immediately come to pass it felt like a personal Y2K moment. I am ashamed that I doubted myself (read: how could you have doubted me??)  For have you seen that which erupts from the pages of every magazine and hangs from the racks of the chicest stores (get the above Givenchy at Barneys!)?  Better late than never (that applies to both chocolate suits and vindication).

Grays and navys will forever be staples but mixing it up with brown feels incredibly NOW.  Go for a solid shirt and choose a tie that riffs on the color in your new oxblood bluchers.  And don't be surprised if while wearing this you are asked to peer into a crystal ball or two.