Un-VALE-ing My New Go-To Jewelry

Vale_TinyPaveBarLike my grammie always says, please stop me if I'm repeating myself but I'M OVER statement jewelry.  Can we all just acknowledge that it had a moment and that moment was wonderful but now it's time for all of us to consider other things?  And by other things I mean Vale Jewelry specifically.  It's feminine and delicate but modern and even a little edgy.  It's as refreshing as, well, the gin and tonic I'm enjoying at this very moment.  (Waiter, another please! And by waiter, I mean my husband.) Let's inspect the two gorgeous pieces I've featured above and below:

Vale_pavestarNot only gorgeous but excellent value propositions considering you should never remove them but instead layer around them.  And rest assured when you're running late and don't have time to style your outfit to the max, any of these singular delicate pieces can create a stir all on their own.  Just like the girl who's wearing them.