Loader Up: How to Wash Instead of Dry Clean

  front load maximaI've always had an aversion to dry cleaning because of the harsh chemicals and their inevitable effect on my favorite articles of clothing.  Dry cleaning, although not dry at all, also sounds oxymoron-ish like "fat free mayonnaise,"  but that is beside the point.

For years taking matters into my own hands was literally that - washing by hand.  I mean, for Valentino's sake, we control our entire lives on tiny computer/phones why did I continue to think technology has not caught up with garment care?  Convinced it had, I researched, deliberated, then bought this high efficiency Maytag front loader and have been like a two year old testing my boundaries ever since.   My guinea pig was a midnight color silk tank that I love but wouldn't lose sleep over if ruined.

The method:

1) Insert garment into lingerie bag

2) Choose delicate cycle, cold/cold

3) Use Woolite dark

4) Line dry

5) Light iron (note:  this only took about 2 full minutes)

The result:  PERFECTION.

In the subsequent days I got bolder and bolder until I was tossing in the likes of my favorite blue cashmere Dolman sleeve doo.ri sweater and all of my silk jersey DvF dresses.  I have had no regrets so far and have currently cleansed about 80% of my wardrobe.  Faithful readers with good math skills will quickly deduce that I have already covered the cost of my washer in dry cleaning savings alone.

God help any living creature that could possibly fit into the drum of this new washer.