Not A Leap(frog)

Rag-Bone-Oakleys-635Unsurprisingly I have become the litmus test of fashion for my family.  Recently one of my seven (not a typo) brothers asked me if I approved of his new shades and sadly I did not.  I truthfully explained that they looked like a slightly updated version of Oakley Razor Blades.  For all of you who lived through the 80s, you can attest that this look was not then, is not now, and never shall be good.   They will always and forever remind me of Randy Savage- God rest his soul.  Note: for those of you die hard WWF fans, I am aware that he did not always wear razor blades. In any case, when Oakley recently teamed up with Rag & Bone, thank goodness all parties knew better than to resurrect the R.B.s and chose the Frogskins instead.  Since Wayfarer glasses have been en vogue for some time now, bringing the Frogskins back was not a leap (pun intended, of course).  Adding the digitized camo, however, was the stroke of genius.  Oakley should be bowing down at the altar of  Rag & Bone for that brilliant move.

I decided to cover this collaboration because one, I found it interesting and two, it made me giggle to think of Randy Savage; but I'm not sure I'm ready to endorse the new-fangled froggies.  I'm not only a die hard WWF fan (80s version only) but a die hard Ray Ban Aviator fan as well.