It's About Time

chanelA client recently asked me to help choose a "grown up watch" for his wife.  I thought deeply about what would be best.  (I of course should've been thinking deeply about what to make for dinner but this task trumped all and we ordered in.)  I felt like the answer should be Cartier but to be honest, I'm bored.  They're ubiquitous.  I also considered Rolex (too stodgy), Balenciaga (too fashion forward for her), Breil (yawn), Harry Winston (she has something similar to the one I love).  After a lot of debate, my recommendation was a Chanel.  I love this one in particular.  They're romantic, elegant, sophisticated, and the wearer is unlikely to bump into many women sporting the same piece. With Chanel watches on my mind lately I was delighted to read today that Chanel just opened a pop-up store in Paris for time pieces only.  Clearly this is a sign that I must go to Paris immediately to investigate further.