Easter Feast

lilliI have seven brothers (and two sisters) and my family is Catholic.  I didn't tell you one to explain the other but instead to share an Easter tradition. First, some context:  near the end of the Catholic mass, most of the congregation processes up the center aisle to receive communion.  This was a favorite time for my brothers because instead of focusing on the sacredness of the sacrament, they treated said procession as a mini fashion show.  After a long winter of pants, thick sweaters and boots, girls were suddenly fluttering about in spring dresses.  (Oh the joy of it!) The fresh view seemed to them a fitting payment for having to sit still and be reverent for an hour.

I thought of this the whole time as I was dressing my 8 month old, Lilli, for Easter mass in her spring dress.  It was so fun to put a sweet little confection on her after layering her up for the last few months.  She certainly seemed happy to look fancy!  Witness: