CFDA Puts the NO in FNO


When I first moved to NY I started a book club which I quit in short order because:

- People stopped reading the books

- Members were trying to outdo each other when it was their turn to host (Ossobuco anyone??)

And so it goes with NY Fashion's Night Out.  What started as a great idea in 2009 to focus on fashion and pump up the sagging economy quickly turned into an event where people cared less about the clothes and more about celebrity sightings and free gift bags.  Stores were burning up tons of loot (booking DJs and giving out free merch) trying to capture the biggest draw, but instead of boosting sales it led to pandemonium, rowdy crowds, and very little payoff.   Therefore, FNO is on hiatus in the US (it's still rocking in the rest of the world) until further notice.  Note;   By "hiatus" they definitely mean "finished forever."  RIP NY FNO!