Hey, NY Fashion Week, I'm still enjoying Fall 2012!

chloeAs you are blissfully aware, Fashion Nation, it is currently the second day of NY Fashion Week (welcome back, old friend!).  While perusing tons of Fall 2013 looks this morning I found myself rewinding to Fall 2012 to order the above Chloe boots for 3 different clients  (40% off anyone?!).  And guess what??   I realized I'm still not over Fall 2012 looks!!  These boots continue to slay me and at less than $1000, who is going to blame me for my hesitancy to move on?  To that I say, in with the old AND in with the new!

Side note, Gents: these babies have a redish hue which is perfection for Valentine's Day.  Yes, check your calendars.  It is next Thursday.  You're welcome.