Texture! Texture! Read all about it!

The word "flannel" will forever conjure images for me of my favorite childhood p.j.s as well as the plaid shirts I wore under overalls in the '90s.   Which makes me recall a time when I had the latter on at a club (yes, overalls were considered club get-up and yes, I was there with a fake ID). A guy who was chatting me up accidentally dropped his cigarette down my overalls - and here's the amazing part- it fell out my pant leg without ever coming into contact with my flesh!  Say what you will about grunge, but my thighs forever thank that over-sized clothes trend.

Today I applaud flannel in an altogether more civilized form - the flannel tie.  It is the season, men, to knot up with a textured fabric which will amp up your coziness factor.  Try the solid number from Bottega Veneta pictured here with a gray blazer, jeans, and colorful shirt and you have yourself a perfect fall look.  Just steer clear of stray cigarettes.