Let Go of the Leather



I've always said that if something was to go awry in my subway car, the police should interview me first.  Not only could I tell them what everyone looked like but I could describe head-to-toe what they were wearing.  I know I shouldn't treat the subway like a department store window but in my defense, others treat it much worse.  In any case, the other day I was ogling passengers when I spotted a well-dressed man (sometimes this feels like spotting a bald eagle).  He was de rigueur in a pair of bright blue cotton trousers and a simple white (perfectly fitted, no logo but what I guessed to be Dior) polo shirt.   His one downfall was his all-leather black belt which was simply too serious for the rest of the outfit.  I had a rush of mixed emotions - I wanted to shake his hand for getting it mostly all right and then I wanted to shake his shoulders and chastise his belt choice.  Instead, I continued to stare rudely and dream up a better belt option.  Here goes nothing: Ovadia & Sons orange canvas belt.  So, Mr. Serious, if you are reading this please take heart (and take another look in the mirror) for you are but notches away from a perfect summer look.