Blue Suede Shoes

Oh the plight of men in the summer as they try to find footwear that's comfy and versatile, yet more "mature" shall we say than flip flops or sneaks.  I grant it is not an easy task and must be considered with great earnest.  (OK, we're not saving baby's lives here but my male clients always seem to adopt very grave looks when discussing this topic.)  So allow me to submit to you an option which, at first glance, may appear an unlikely choice:  Reiss's Stamco Suede Brogue Espadrille (a HYBRID - how PC!).  Here is a shoe that requires no sock (please insert Dr Scholl's Odor Fighting Insoles), is super comfy, and versatile enough to wear with everything from a summer suit to colorful pants to fun shorts.  On that note, they're perfect vacation shoes - wear them on the plane and you won't have to pack any other options (hurrah to traveling sans checked luggage!).

You're welcome.