Standing O or Hell No: J Lo and Vogue

You might tap different friends for different reasons - like going to the movies, shopping, or pigging out on pints of Dulce de Leche Haagen Dazs-  in much the same way, I tap different magazines.  And Vogue, for me, has been the magazine equivalent of my ice-cream-gorging friend (I will not mention names).  We don't share a lot of personal details (read:  I don't ingest many of the articles) but instead we get straight to what's truly the inner core of our relationship - the (visual) feast (thanks in large part to  Grace Coddington).  That being said I was thrilled with the April cover featuring Jennifer Lopez.  She almost defines the phrase "over-exposed" (clothing line, perfume, singles galore, host of American Idol, need I go on?) and yet I never get sick of looking at her...especially when she's looking like this.  I believe smoldering is the word.  I can't quite decide if I want to dive into her eyes or the gorgeous blue water behind her.  Standing O to Vogue for staging her this way and double Standing O to Jennifer Lopez for being blessed with the sickest DNA in the gene pool.