Standing O or Hell No: Angelina Jolie

We hold these truths to be self evident:

1.  Angelina Jolie is gorgeous

2.  She also has great legs

3.  Most of us would cut our own grandmothers to live her life for one day

Therefore you can understand my confusion when at the Oscar's on Sunday night it appeared that her legs were in a fight and the right leg was trying to get as far away from old leftie as possible.  Let's get this straight, Angelina, WE beseech YOU.  You do NOT beseech us.  I haven't had flesh pushed on me so frequently since I got stuck going to Medieval Times in college.

Sure the dress was lovely and voluminous and looked great on AJ but due to the leg, we have a split decision (pun intended):  Standing O for the overall look and Hell No to the constant leg thrust.