Standing O or Hell No: Stacy Keibler

If I'm walking home from the grocery store with my husband and I try to carry too many bags he always forces me to give some up by claiming that more bags will "balance him out."  Might Stacey Keibler have used a similar rationale at last night's Academy Awards?  I submit to you her mind's fashion equation:

One slinking shoulder of gown (L) + side swept hair (L) + bit of train (L) = one giant hip rose (R)

See, everyone, it all balances out!  But to ensure George Clooney would go home with an Oscar (or a human facsimile thereof) - she also chose GOLD.  (Thoughtful!)

I think you're picking up what I'm laying down.  Contrary to what everyone else seems to think, this did not work for me.  At all.  She's an undeniably gorgeous girl but this just came across as Academy Awards Barbie.  Allow me to sum the above equation:  Hell No!