Standing O or Hell No: SAG Awards 2019

Shangela in Christian Siriano

Shangela in Christian Siriano

The SAG awards are the espresso shot we all need mid-awards season. Our collective attention admittedly begins to wane after back to back red/silver/blue carpets but SAG is a big enough deal to pull our eyes front and center again. I woke right up when Shangela emerged onto the carpet in Christian Siriano. That is the volume and drama I wait for and those ombre ruffles were captivating. I wasn’t in love with the hair/make-up styling as I wished it was softer but overall this gown gave me the WOW factor I desired. Standing O!

SAG 2019_Timothy Chalamet in Celine.jpg

First of all: POLKA DOTS! Timothee Chalamet nailed it in this look by Celine. He managed to look elevated and appropriate while also edgey, cool, and young. Standing O!

SAG 2019_Lyric Ross.jpg

I adored this delicate accordion pleat dress on Lyric Ross. If I could tweak anything, I’d add a deep-red lip but it remains a Standing O!

SAG 2019_Rachel Weisz.jpg

Again I’d lobby for a strong red lip but Rachel Weisz comes off completely regal and modern here. I fully support the interplay of colors and textures present and that belt is acting as its best self. Standing O!

SAG 2019_Elizabeth McLaughlin.jpg

The majesty of this gown worn by Elizabeth McLaughlin is making me light-headed. The color and the fit and the subtle sparkle and the drape: Standing O! I can’t find the designer credit which is agitating me but let’s admire it in action:

SAG 2019_Gaga in Dior.jpg

I love that Gaga chose this Dior and did nothing to make it look intentionally weird. Her jewelry is exquisite and modern and very on-brand for her and the whole look amounts to a Standing O!

SAG 2019 Rachel Brosnahan.jpg

I wasn’t completely sold on the Dior worn by Rachel Brosnahan but her head looks so impeccable that I had to highlight this achievement. Her hair and make-up are sublime and the way the dress matches her eyes is major and most importantly THOSE EARRINGS: Standing O for the styling of her upper self. The dress was very pretty but something about the fit of the top portion got stuck in my craw.

SAG 2019_MIchael B Jordan.jpg

Just as Gretchen needs to stop trying to make fetch happen, Louis Vuitton needs to stop trying to make harnesses happen. Michael B Jorden is exceedingly handsome but this overlay is harshing his vibe and also my vibe. Hell No!

SAG 2019_Patricia Clarkson in Zuhair Murad.jpg

Nailing it all season long is Patricia Clarkson in Zuhair Murad. Standing O! And a special shout to her stylist, Victor Blanco, for the superior work he has put in carpet after carpet.

SAG 2019_Emily Blunt in Michael Kors.jpg

Initially I wasn’t on board with the wings atop this Michael Kors but I’ve since become enamored with the overall effect. I like that Emily Blunt is owning it and that she chose to do something different here with the color and the drama of the top. It paid off in WOW factor in large part to how well she sold it. Standing O!

SAG 2019_Emma Stone.jpg

I like this anti-gown moment by Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton. The intricacy of the top keeps her looking polished and appropriate and the fact that she wore two pieces goes a long way in making this look a distinct moment on the carpet. Standing O!