NY Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019: BOSS

                                            Me in an Alexander McQueen cape dress

                                            Me in an Alexander McQueen cape dress

New York Fashion Week is never not fun; Even when it is deluged by rain and when every attendee is pitted against one another steel-cage-match-style for available Ubers. In my view, that sort of healthy competition takes the weak out of fashion week.

In the spirit of only the strong will survive, yesterday Boss hosted their fashion show in Basketball City and displayed zero compunction about dragging us to the EAST side piers. Many arrived grumbling but were instantly and irrevocably charmed when we found these on our seats:

Mute my heinous voice please

That LED pin was all it took to reduce us to giddy 5 year olds. I will cherish mine forever more. That is, if my kids every give it back.

As an aside: HOT FASHION SHOW TIP...always but ALWAYS ask to use the restrooms upon arriving. If necessary, make it appear urgent. Following this protocol yesterday my sister and I were immediately shown BACK STAGE as these were the only restrooms available. Needless to say we pranced all around, intermingled with the models, reviewed the beauty tables, had the door held for us by Tim Hardaway Jr, and then almost walked directly out onto the stage before a women in a headset warned us if we went out that particular door we'd be making our runway debut. We came out of our reverie just in time to make it back to our seats to view the collection.

As for the collection...it was pretty if not transportive. There were a few pieces (namely a color-blocked tote and a gray men's duffel) that I eyed longingly but in the end my conclusion is that I already miss Jason Wu. If only the strongest survive, I fear for the fate of this new artistic director. But I will never ever fear for the fate of fashion week. Look how happy we are:

Boss 2.jpg