Up-Doo Ri

I don't think I'm alone in saying that sometimes during Fashion Week, the show you're seeing gets upstaged by WHO you see.  This year, the Doo Ri show was particularly captivating not only for the collection (gorgeous bonded slinky jersey draped effortlessly, amazing shearling and virgin wool details, and colors like rich brass, burgundy, lime and winter ivory) but because I met two of my favorite fashion stars!

First, while queuing to enter the venue I spotted my jewelry hero, Alexis Bittar.  I couldn't help but call his name and he immediately came over to chat.  Luckily I was dripping in his creations (which I had just worn on TV) so we had lots to discuss.  (Two points for the Wardrobe Whisperer!)  Then after the show as my companion and I waited outside for our friends to spill out, Brad Goreski emerged with an extra special bouffanty 'do which I adored.  A girl next to me asked me to take their photo so naturally I capitalized on the moment to get my own shot (witness the above).  Unfortunately I forgot that my iPhone was set to video and I ended up taking a weird action shot of Brad posing for a regular photo (which ends in my camera dropping awkwardly to his crotch as I try to adjust from video to still).  The indignity!  When I realized what was going on and confessed my stupidity, Brad gamely exclaimed that I should post the video ASAP.  Done!

Presenting my awkward moment with Brad Goreski Take 1: