Superbowl XLVI?

Happy Monday, fine fans!  Did any of you happen to catch the football game that was on before and after the Madonna concert?

There are few celebrities that have so energetically taken to heart the concept of "go big or go home."  I suppose that's why Madonna continues to be relevant after 30 years.  Her performance during last night's halftime show was no exception.  The Giants WON, for Pete's sake, and all anyone can talk about is her show.  All I can talk about is her boots.  And her sexy Givenchy dress, and her grand Phillip Treacy headdress.   I wonder if Bridgestone knew what they were getting themselves into when they offered to sponsor the event.  They probably took a quick look at last year's horrendous performance and thought realistically it could only run them a couple bucks.  Surely they will bankrupt after last night's elaborate production but at least they will go down in glory for giving us the best halftime show we've seen in decades.