Standing O, Hell No, or So-So: The Nudes

Blush, peach, honey - I celebrate a nude color palette!  Gorgeous women in gorgeous dresses?  More reasons to celebrate!  But why nude on nude? (Don't let your mind wander.  We're still talking about fashion.)  My problem with these looks is total lack of contrast.  A few ways to solve this - a red lip, a bold eye, a gem with color.  Alas, although fetching indeed, I would've loved for these women to have presented looks that weren't completely monochromatic.  Two side notes:  One, I'd gladly cut my own grandmother for Kate Beckinsale's earrings.  Two, everyone is dying, reviving themselves, and dying again over Charlize's dress.  While it has many merits, the giant bow does not float my boat (although it may be used as a flotation device).  All in all, the nudes get a So-So.